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Hi all, this is actually russiandancingbut I'm posting about this account anyway, so I figured I might as well not even log out of it. Besides, I'm too lazy. xD

So. Come tommorow, it'll be exactly one week before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out. It's all, obviously, a huge mystery- we don't know who's going to die, or go dark, or even some pairings. And once the book has been read, our perceptions of the characters will change completely- we'll dislike (in most cases, haha) the ones who go dark, and we'll forgive the ones who come back to the light. But this got me thinking... while we still have time, we need to remember everything about the past books: the lines that made us laugh out loud, the characters and pairings we adore(d), and everything that makes us love this series.

That's what this journal is about. For each of the seven days leading up to DH, I'll be posting a discussion topic- like, for example, favorite lines- and we'll be talking in the comments about it. It should be fun! :D I'm hoping to get a ton of members so we can get some diversity, so any pimping you guys wantt to do would be great, too! So friend this journal, and tommorow we'll start with the celebration/halfway mourning/whatever.


Fan 'forums'

Sorry for two posts in one day!

Are you part of any fan groups online? (On LJ or otherwise)  For what show/movie/band/author/book/etc? What do you think could be improved about the ones that you are on? Do you actively participate on them? Do you have to be a complete and total lover of the thing, before you'd join a fan group about it?  And, links to any of them?

I am, of quite a lot.  On LJ and individual forums. I think that most of them could be improved by having even a few more active members, they're for quite obscure things, so there aren't many of us. A few could be improved by better management... Yes, I very actively participate  in most of them. No, I don't have to be a total obsessive fan to enjoy talking about it on a  forum or whatever.
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Fan Forum Members Wanted

I doubt anyone here will know what this is, but on the offchance...
Brittas Empire Fanforum
Is anyone here a fan of The Brittas Empire? Well, here's a fanforum for it, and we're desperate for new members!
You don't have to be a major fan of it- nostalgia members are very very welcome.

If you want to watch The Brittas Empire, there's some clips on youtube, and episodes on , which works like youtube.


Guess what guys... is actually encouraging us to submit new categories. And is actually creating them! I asked for a Billy Elliot category, and it was made 5 minutes later!

Ok so here's a little spamming

This is a community for dark drabbles.

There are weekly challenges, you can find the rules on the profile (there aren't many, really) and the winner gets a pretty banner.



Basically you can make your drabbles with whichever fandom/pairing/character/book/movie/show you want. It doesn't matter. All it has to be is dark which is defined by you.

Dark as in no light, dark as in depressing, dark as in sadistic, dark as in masochistic, dark as in... whatever you understand by dark at the moment.