June 9th, 2007

Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin
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A quick spot of community pimping, if you don't mind:

Anybody into the Tolkien fandom here? Ever wonder whether you're closer to a dwarf, elf, or hobbit in personality? Come check out tolkiens_realm!

(banner by theguiltyone)

We do race sorting, fanfic, fanart, rpg, discussions, and challenges, with plenty of other things Tolkien, for everybody from the casual LotR movie fan to the hardcore reader of the Unfinished Tales.

Recently, we've had a mod leave after the events of Strikethrough '07 and her RL, so there may be plenty of opportunity to help shape the future of these communities, if you'd like to.


So, what one show, book, movie, game, rps or whatever, are you most excited about *right this minute*? (doesn't have to be your main fandom)

And why?
Right now for me, the movies Showbands I and Showbands II. Because it's really cute, even though it's not the most perfect plot ever. And I think I've fallen for two of the secondary characters as a pairing... I'm excited about this movie right now, because I was thinking about it last night, and all the 'cute' came flooding back to me. I haven't seen it for about a month though. It's got quite a lot of potential for fanfiction. Not that anyone knows what movie this is, ah well.
What about you?