June 20th, 2007


Fan Forum Members Wanted

I doubt anyone here will know what this is, but on the offchance...
Brittas Empire Fanforum
Is anyone here a fan of The Brittas Empire? Well, here's a fanforum for it, and we're desperate for new members!
You don't have to be a major fan of it- nostalgia members are very very welcome.

If you want to watch The Brittas Empire, there's some clips on youtube, and episodes on www.guba.com , which works like youtube.

Fan 'forums'

Sorry for two posts in one day!

Are you part of any fan groups online? (On LJ or otherwise)  For what show/movie/band/author/book/etc? What do you think could be improved about the ones that you are on? Do you actively participate on them? Do you have to be a complete and total lover of the thing, before you'd join a fan group about it?  And, links to any of them?

I am, of quite a lot.  On LJ and individual forums. I think that most of them could be improved by having even a few more active members, they're for quite obscure things, so there aren't many of us. A few could be improved by better management... Yes, I very actively participate  in most of them. No, I don't have to be a total obsessive fan to enjoy talking about it on a  forum or whatever.
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