the seven days of potter (sevendayshp) wrote in fandomunites,
the seven days of potter

Hi all, this is actually russiandancingbut I'm posting about this account anyway, so I figured I might as well not even log out of it. Besides, I'm too lazy. xD

So. Come tommorow, it'll be exactly one week before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out. It's all, obviously, a huge mystery- we don't know who's going to die, or go dark, or even some pairings. And once the book has been read, our perceptions of the characters will change completely- we'll dislike (in most cases, haha) the ones who go dark, and we'll forgive the ones who come back to the light. But this got me thinking... while we still have time, we need to remember everything about the past books: the lines that made us laugh out loud, the characters and pairings we adore(d), and everything that makes us love this series.

That's what this journal is about. For each of the seven days leading up to DH, I'll be posting a discussion topic- like, for example, favorite lines- and we'll be talking in the comments about it. It should be fun! :D I'm hoping to get a ton of members so we can get some diversity, so any pimping you guys wantt to do would be great, too! So friend this journal, and tommorow we'll start with the celebration/halfway mourning/whatever.

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