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Heard Of It

heard_of_it  Hi everyone ! I run a comm that's not just for  'fandom' in the 'writing fanfiction' sense, but in the widest sense of the word, like 'enjoyed reading it/watching  it/playing it' 'like talking about it' etc as well.
But, it's for *obscure* and/or *not mainstream* things only. (obscure for fandom stuff, 'not mainstream' for just viewing/talking about it) This means no Harry Potter or LOTR or POTC or The OC or whatever, sorry guys. That's only because they're already so well represented, both in conversation in general 'reality', and in fandom. It can be something that is quite often watched/read but there's no fanfiction for, or something that there's quite a  lot of fanfiction  of but is actually quite obscure  there are just very prolific writers. But not popular in both senses.

We talk about obscure/non mainstream shows, books, movies, games, and live performances. (ie, plays and standup) We share our fanfictions, fan art, cosplay pictures, fanvideos etc, we also can just ask questions or discuss the canon stuff, we can ask for fanfiction help, we can  ask for recommendations on what we should read/watch, we can post up youtube clips of things, we can review things, rave about things, or try to convert people to things that we like, plus many other things. The rule is though, no bashing of other people's loves.

Some of the things we've recently talked about: Oz, Maid Marian and  Her Merry Men, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the  Dead, The Chronicle, Big Wolf On  Campus, The Kransky Sisters, The Babysitter's Club, We Can Be Heroes, Michael Moorcock, Lano and  Woodley,  The Chaser's War  On  Everything, The Brittas  Empire, Space Cases, Ghostrider and The Mighty Boosh.  This is just from  the first page.

Hope to see some of you join us! :)
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